DIY vs. Professional Movers: Making the Right Choice for Your House Move

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Relocating can be challenging, from when you begin considering it to when you put the plan into action. At times, you may need to lease a self-storage unit in North York to store your belongings temporarily. Getting your items ready and packed demands time, and the move can be demanding both mentally and physically.

When you relocate, you are faced with 2 choices: do the work on your own or get a professional mover. Both options have their pros and cons. Doing it yourself is cheaper but needs more effort and careful preparation. On the other side, hiring a mover makes your life easier but costs more.

In this piece, we’ll examine the important factors to help you make the right choice.

  1. Moving Distance

The distance from where you live now to where you want to go is vital when choosing whether to get experts or do it on your own.

  • For Faraway Moves – If you’re shifting to a faraway place, like another state or across the nation, it’s smart to hire folks who specialize in long-distance moves because the expenses, difficulties, and dangers linked to moving by yourself can get too much.
  • For Short Distance Moves – If you’re relocating a short distance, like in your town, a nearby city, or the same county, it’s often practical to manage the move by yourself. You can do this by getting a friend’s pickup truck or renting a moving vehicle from a nearby truck rental place.

Number and Type of Belongings

  • Professional Movers – If you are moving from a big home with lots of stuff, or if you have special things like a piano, hot tub, pool table, antique furniture, etc., it’s a good idea to hire a trusted moving company.
  • Do-It-Yourself – If you don’t have too many things and no valuable items that need special packing and professional transport, you and your friends can handle the move on your own.

Time Left Before the Big Move

  • Lack of Time – It’s not a secret that professional movers are known for their speed due to their extensive experience. If you’ve got around a week or less to get ready for your move, then hiring a mover to take care of your last-minute move is the right choice.
  • Sufficient Time – Having at least 3 weeks or more before the moving day comes around should be sufficient to handle a DIY move. Just be sure to follow a helpful moving checklist to manage your time effectively.


Safety is paramount during a home move, and as such, you must factor in its significance about moving yourself vs. hiring movers.

  • Professional Experience – Moving homes can be risky. While your pals might want to assist, they probably haven’t moved before and don’t have insurance. Imagine if something breaks or if somebody gets hurt due to inexperience? Hire professional movers when your initial risk assessment shows elevated DIY safety risks. Also, professional moving companies use protective equipments, such as counterbalance lift truck rear guard from Toronto, to protect their employees from fatal accidents.
  • DIY Experience – Is it better to hire professionals or do it yourself? The decision depends on whether you’ve moved house before. If you have, you already understand what it means to keep things safe during the move. No expensive property damage, no pricier personal injuries.


The price of your upcoming home relocation holds the utmost importance when deciding between hiring movers or tackling the task yourself.

  • DIY Move – Many individuals assume that renting a moving truck and conducting a self-move is consistently more budget-friendly than enlisting a full-service moving company. However, it’s not quite that straightforward! When you crunch the numbers initially, you might discover that the DIY approach isn’t the great deal it initially appears. You must consider all factors: toll charges, packing supplies, fuel expenses, and even the value of your time. Additionally, there are likely hidden costs associated with a do-it-yourself move.
  • Hiring a Moving Company – Professional moving services can be costly, but they often provide excellent value. The reduced stress and the assurance that your belongings will safely reach your new residence are compelling reasons to choose a reputable, dependable, and cost-effective moving company. Request a quote to determine the cost of hiring such a mover.

Additional Services

By now, you should have a better idea of the ideal way to switch homes. Another way to confirm your choice is to consider the extra help you might require.

  • Full-Service Movers – If your move demands extra help, like packing, unpacking, furniture disassembly and assembly, custom packing, lifting using ropes, short-term storage, and more, it’s best to hire a full-service moving company. To ensure a smooth transition, you can visit professional movers’ websites, such as, to learn more about their services. 
  • Moving on Your Own – The complexity of your DIY move will guide your decision. If you don’t need special moving assistance, you can handle it yourself as long as other conditions are favourable.