How to Style a Cuban Chain for Any Occasion

Cuban chains make a bold fashion statement. They look great with a simple T-shirt and jeans or can be worn under a suit for a more formal appearance.

Adding pendants to a Cuban chain can further personalize your style. Whether it’s a large cross to elevate your hip-hop street style or an excessive emoji pendant to channel your inner celebrity – the options are endless.

Make a Bold Statement

Cuban chain is an excellent accessory to express your style and confidence. Rappers and celebrities commonly favor these chains because they add a touch of swag to their outfits. However, anyone can style a Cuban chain to suit their taste.

First, choose a chain width that fits comfortably around your neck and doesn’t pull your shirt collar out of place. You should also consider the type of outfit you’re wearing and the vibe you want to achieve with your style.

A thicker Cuban chain will look more prominent and daring, while a thinner one will have a more subtle effect. If you add pendants, ensure the chain is thin enough to fit through the pendant bail. Also, avoid overdoing the accessories with other necklaces or bracelets that may distract from the bold effect of the Cuban chain. 

Layer It Up

The beauty of Cuban chains is that they can be worn as a stand-alone necklace or layered with other accessories. When layering a chain, it is important to remember the length and weight of your chain and the other pieces you are wearing. You want to maintain gaps between your accessories so the chain isn’t overshadowed or tangling with your other jewelry.

Consider pairing your Cuban chain with a leather rope bracelet or necklace for added texture and style for a casual look. You can add a pendant to your Cuban chain for a more personal touch. Ensure the pendant bail is large enough to fit through your chain and has a similar metal tone for a coordinated look.

Let It Shine

Whether dressing up for a formal event or wearing your go-to T-shirt and jeans, the Cuban chain style adds instant sophistication to your look. With tight link spacing and sleek metal finishes, this chain has a lot of eye-catching potential. Choose iced-out options for bolder outfits or solid gold pieces for a casual feel.

Darker shades such as black, chocolate brown, and olive green are the best colors to wear with a gold Cuban chain. However, silver or platinum chains also work well with most outfits and skin tones.

When layering a Cuban chain with other jewelry, maintain gaps between each piece to avoid overcrowding your look. Keep it simple with a watch, a pair of studs, or a dainty pendant necklace to ensure your chain stands out.

Keep It Simple

A Cuban chain looks great as the centerpiece of your look. It also pairs well with other pieces to create a balanced style. For example, you can wear it with a pendant that matches the chain’s width and color or with a watch that coordinates in tone.

Avoid wearing too many other accessories with your Cuban chain to prevent a cluttered look. This jewelry style is bold enough, so adding too much other jewelry can take away from its impact.

When it comes to the color of your clothes, consider using neutral colors like grey, black, or white so the chain stands out. A golden chain looks great against neutrals and accentuates its polished, iced-out look. You can even pair it with a blazer for a more formal look. It’s a stylish, understated way to elevate your suit or tuxedo.