Are Australians Paying More for Streaming App Subscriptions?

In this modern world, it is no surprise that streaming services have become imperative in every other household. It has evolved the way we use to devour media. We can effortlessly enjoy our favorite content with just a few taps away. 

Streaming platforms have enabled families to watch and immerse in hours of entertainment. It lets us binge-watch our favorite shows and movies and also facilitates us to create our own playlists.

 Numerous streaming platforms are available to cater to the audience’s entertainment needs. It has significantly raised the bar for the service providers, and now they all strive to provide the exclusive best content on their platform.

This makes the audience get confused when opting for a single platform. As a result, the users get to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms at once. Which apparently stacks up not just the content but the streaming costs.

Considering the rising inflation, it has become pretty hard for users to manage their budgets and subscribe to streaming services, whose prices are shooting sky-high. Seemingly, Aussies are supposed to be significantly affected by the hike in subscription charges. 

The Aussies are, unfortunately, shelling out a bit more for streaming app subscriptions in comparison to the individuals living in other regions of the world. It could be because of the factors that contribute to the rise in their cost. Such as the licensing agreement and content availability in that particular region. 

Subscription charges are high in Australia due to the distance and the size of the prevailing market. This is the reason why the streaming platforms, despite being very popular. They are facing a sudden cancellation of their subscription from a wider audience. 

The crackdown on password sharing is also one of the major reasons why people are cutting their subscriptions and moving to other cheaper ways of consuming entertainment. 

Why People Are Inclined to Switching off the Streaming Services

The total amount of the subscription charges that were spent on the streaming services alone is $360. Well, the people have got smarter and derived a technique. By saving the amount spent on streaming services, they can easily enjoy the extra grocery shopping.

A trip to somewhere nice. Along with that, they can have a pleasant birthday treat. 

Apparently, Gen Z is most likely to give up spending money on subscribing to streaming platforms, and the rate of those prone to do that is 27%. The millennials are the next in line, following in the footsteps of youngers to ditch streaming services by 24%. The Gen X is also contributing to the cause by switching off from streaming services by 22%.

It indicates that people are willing to leave entertainment sites just to save some money to spend on other needs of their household. Let’s find out the pricing of the popular streaming services that influence people to give up on them, 


This is the unanimous king in the world of streaming platforms despite tough competition. It continues to bring great content and grow aggressively. To our surprise, the case is quite different in Australia. There is a massive decline in the subscription of Netflix. People are canceling their subscriptions, and this trend doesn’t look like it will end soon. 

The basic plan of Netflix costs $6.99 per month. The standard plan costs $16.99. On the other hand, the premium will cost you $22.99. 


It is another competitive streaming platform that is spreading like a fire. Hulu has a vast and diverse collection of content to offer to its audience. Hulu Australia is effortlessly available with the help of the VPN. 

It has undoubtedly one of the most amazing content. The quality of content and the services it offers also impact the subscription charges of their platform. Let us take a quick glance at the pricing of it.

The basic plan costs $7.99, and the premium plan charges $14.99 monthly. The Hulu Live TV without ads would cost $82.99 monthly. 

Amazon Prime Video

In the crowd of overpriced streaming platforms, Amazon Prime Video appears like a savior who is offering its services at quite a reasonable price. This streaming service offers loads of exclusive content and many hard-to-find movies, too.

It gives you a free trial and a plan to entertain yourself in the hectic routine. Amazon Prime’s monthly charges are $14.99 per month. And it charges $139 yearly. 


An Australian-based streaming platform. It is relatively new in the market. Hence, people think that it doesn’t have much to offer. Well, this streaming platform is pretty much the one that has the exclusive rights to stream the notable HBO catalog. 

It indicates that on this streaming platform, you can catch up on the famous Harry Potter series, GOT, and many more. Binge basic plan costs $10, while the standard plan costs $16 monthly. the Premium subscription costs $18 monthly. 


It is another Australian-owned streaming service with Nine Digital. The company seamlessly offers both original and licensed content to its users.  Stan offers quality and renowned licensed content. This app also offers a variety of original movies and shows. 

Additionally, it offers an add-on of sports to amuse the users. Like Netflix, it also offers 3 types of plans. Stan’s basic plan costs $10. The standard plan costs $16 per month. At the same time, the premium plan costs $21 monthly. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude, the subscription charges are costing an arm and a leg to the users. As a result, They are compelled to find alternatives to stream free content. This inclination of Aussies toward shifting off the streaming platforms will surely change the subscription plan sooner or later.