The Best Short Films to Watch This Weekend

Best Short Films

Best Short Films to Watch This Weekend

 Were you wondering about spending your weekend with some productivity and relaxing together? Short films are the best way to enjoy your weekend. You can experience the snaps of filmmaking development. Short films showcase the creative minds of filmmakers and how they beautifully convey their message briefly and densely.

However, short films get popular in recent years; their history goes back to 1895 in Paris, France, where it was shown for the first time publicly by the Lumiere brothers. And now, short films were introduced in 2019 by the Film Movement.

With the rise of Short films, streaming services started to offer a new category for short films to be watched by the majority audience. The short films on streaming services offer a wide range of content for children to elders. 

Hulu is one of the great streaming platforms that give you an organized selection of all the time favorite short films. You can watch Hulu in France, Canada, the UK, the US, etc. 

The duration of short films is commonly short, like 5min, 10-20min, or 1hr sometimes. So you don’t need to worry about spending too much time on screen and can easily do house chores too. 

In this blog, we will mention some best short films that you and your family can watch this weekend.

Hair Love (2019)

An American beloved animated short film which is written by Matthew A. Cherry. Hair Love is a heart-warming film showing the love of a young girl with her natural hair, and the story takes place when the father is trying to style his daughter’s hair for the first time. 

The film explores the theme of parenting, as no work has a label on it. This short film will teach important messages, like personal identity and representation. The film is significantly crafted, with stunning animation and a heartfelt script. 

The film has won an Oscar Award and an Academy Award for best short film. You can enjoy this short film with your children.

The Neighbour’s Window (2019)

An Oscar-winning short film, The Neighbour’s Window is directed by Marshall Curry. The film follows the story of a middle-aged woman with her small children whose life went upside down when a young couple shifted into the property across the street. 

The film explores the themes of prying, empathy, and the complication of modern life. This short film is based on a term that is “appreciate what you have.”

The Rider (2017)

The Rider, based on the actual journey of Jandreau’s own story, follows the life of a rodeo rider when he gets a fatal brain injury, and he refuses to quit his passion for horse riding despite his doctor’s warning. 

The film showcases character development with incredible details. The film is a pretty reflective piece that focuses on the complexities of manliness and the life of a rodeo rider. You can enjoy this short film with family and friends this weekend instead of watching the usual TV series.

And So We Put Goldfish in the Pool (2017)

A short film based on true events, directed by Makoto Nagahisa, who is usually known for his entertaining and visual work. The short film is about four 15-years old girls who put 400 goldfish in the swimming pool of a high school in Saitama. 

The film is captivating and face pace with an exciting plot and brings out a bundle of unexpected humor. A beautifully captured and engaging work that is fun to watch.

A Family Affair (2015)

An excellent documentary short film directed by Tomisin Adepeju shows the story of a Nigerian immigrant family now residing in London. The story begins when Annabelle finds herself in a stranger’s bedroom n her 30th birthday, and then her doom days start.

The film explores the disturbance between the traditional morals of the family and the modern morals of their new home. The film explores culture, identity, and understanding subtly and thoughtfully.

Dust (2014)

Last but not least, a thought-provoking and visually beautiful, and emotionally powerful short film directed by Mike Grier, the story is about an ultra-modern society broken by a devastating event. 

The film has breathtaking graphics and tells a sorrowful and fantastic story about love, loss, and hope in times of trouble. The film focuses on the future of humanity via the lens of science and technology. You would love the film even if you do not like the sci-fi genre.


To conclude, streaming platforms have so much to offer for everyone. Short films are gaining popularity with their remarkable way of conveying messages through cuts and short periods. Some of the best short films are available on Hulu, but those will make your weekend worth it. 

Whether you are searching for dark humor, heartwarming stories, or documentaries, visually beautifully, you can find various genres. You can enjoy short films even on weekdays as their duration is short.